In response to the local historic flooding across Nebraska, we're donating 10% of our proceeds from Tuesday, March 26 to Nebraska relief efforts. 

Private Gatherings | Blatt Beer & Table | North Downtown location

This page includes frequently asked questions about private parties at our North Downtown location in Omaha, NE. When you are ready to start exploring options to host your party at Blatt Beer & Table, start with this form.

What are the private party room options at Blatt Beer & Table?

Our Rooftop Beer Garden is located on our second level. When the garages doors are open, it can accommodate up to 200 guests seated (additional rentals required) and cocktail parties of up to 300 guests standing. When enclosed, it will accommodate up to 150 guests. The rooftop features garage doors and heaters, which creates a comfortable environment for private gatherings year-round. When the doors are open, your party can enjoy the open air and spectacular views of downtown Omaha, which includes TD Ameritrade Park, the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge and the CenturyLink Center. 

Our All Season's Patio is located on the ground level just off our main dining room and bar in a separate garage door-enclosed space. This patio accommodates intimate parties of up to 50 guests. If the weather is great, we can open our garage doors on two sides of the room so your guests can enjoy the breeze.  

How far in advance should I plan my party? 

We request at least 2 weeks notice, but can often accommodate requests on shorter notice if our private party room is available. Two weeks allows us plenty of time to discuss your event needs and objectives, and allows our team to personalize a great experience that meets your expectations. Parties scheduled during summer weekends and the holiday season do book quickly, so reaching out up to a year in advance is advised for these peak seasons!

What is your cancellation policy? 

Due to our food ordering deadlines, we require notice of 7 days or more ahead of your event date to avoid cancellation charges. Cancellation 3-6 days before the event date results in a cancellation charge of 50% of the event menu invoice. Cancellation within 2 days of the event date results in a cancellation charge of 100% of the event menu invoice.

What if it rains or snows the day of my event?  

No problem! Our private event spaces are weather-proof and your party can go on as planned. Our Rooftop Beer Garden can be heated and completely enclosed by garage doors, still offering your guests a dramatic view of Omaha’s downtown sites. Our rooftop does not offer air conditioning, however. So if your party is scheduled on a hot day and a storm requires that the garage doors be closed, we advise renting fans. We also have elevator access from the main floor up to the rooftop to keep your guests out of the elements. The All Seasons Patio can be completely enclosed with heating and air conditioning. 

Do you require a deposit?  

We do not require a deposit, but do ask for a credit card to hold your event date. Your total balance is due at the conclusion of the event, same day. 

What is the cost of using the Rooftop Beer Garden?  

We do not charge a rental fee to schedule a private event on our Rooftop Beer Garden. There is a minimum catering or drink order of $500 per party. Minimums are different for private parties during the College World Series, please inquire.

Is there a service fee?  

We charge a service fee that ranges from $40-$300, depending on the length of your event and number of guests. We will let you know this fee ahead of time! 

When is my guest count and final menu due? 

We request your final guest count 2 weeks in advance of your private party. 

Can I bring my own cake or dessert? 


What should I expect during the party?  

Your group will have a dedicated bartender and service staff to maintain your tables and tend to your guests. The number of staff dedicated to your party depends on your party size. 

Can I bring my own decorations? 

Yes. We ask that you decorate the space, as this is not a service we provide. We allow most decorations, but do not allow confetti. 

Do you cater the food?

All food for our private event spaces is offered exclusively through Blatt Beer & Table.  Peruse our Party Menu.

Can I bring food to the event?  

No outside food (other than dessert) is allowed. 

Does Blatt provide audio-visual equipment? 

We do not offer A/V equipment, but can accommodate A/V rentals. We suggest United Rent-All. 

Are there different room setup options? 

The Rooftop Beer Garden is very versatile.  All tables and benches are portable and separate from each other and can be arranged to your liking. 

Is there an event planner/coordinator for me to work with? 

In advance of your private party, Larissa Himes will assist you with menu & bar planning, and can provide wisdom on room layout, rentals and decor. We do not coordinate deliveries or setup. On the day of the event, a manager will be available to assist with your event needs. 

Where do my guests park?

We offer guest parking in a parking lot west of Blatt Beer & Table. This lot is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your guests can also use the CenturyLink Center’s Lot B parking lot, which is directly east of Blatt Beer & Table. Both lots are free on non-event days. If there is an event at TD Ameritrade Park or Century Link Center at the time of your private party, there may be a charge to park to use our lot and CenturyLink Center’s Lot B. There is also ample street parking along Mike Fahey Dr. and 12th Street. 

Is the Rooftop accessible for physically-disabled guests?

Our entire facility is ADA compliant, including the Rooftop Beer Garden. We have an elevator that can take your guests to and from the ground floor. 

Are there any restrictions on music?

Blatt Beer & Table has no restrictions on music. Many local bands and DJs are familiar with our venue. If your music entertainment has not performed here before, we encourage them to visit our location in advance of your event and speak with a member of our staff to ensure that they arrive with appropriate equipment and expectations. 

How do I book a private party at Blatt Beer & Table?

We're ready to help you plan the best event ever. Get started by filling out this event form. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Can you provide meals for special dietary needs?

Our culinary team is happy to accommodate all dietary needs. Our dedicated catering professionals will ensure execution as planned.

I have guests under the age of 21. Can they come to my event?

Underage guests are welcome to private events if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. We take under-aged drinking very seriously, and if any under-aged guests are found to be consuming alcohol on our premises, he or she will be asked to leave immediately. 

Do you require security personnel for my event?

This is decided on a case-by-case basis.  Some larger events will require security, to be contracted and payed for by the client. 

I have fewer than 25 guests, and don’t need a private space. What can I do?

We are more than happy to take a reservation for a group of 25 or less if you are not looking for a private space. This is dependent of the time, day and events going on in the area. Email to set up the reservation. To expedite your reservation, please include date, time and number of guests in your party.

Nebraska is our home, where we've been able to grow Blatt Beer & Table and Flagship Restaurant Group thanks to the support of the amazing community that lives here.
In response to the wide-spread flooding across the state, we will be donating 10% of sales from all of our Omaha locations on Tuesday, March 26th to Nebraska relief efforts. To join us in supporting those affected by the flood, please visit out website (link in bio) to find your nearest location.
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